Top Gifts for Teens



It’s a fun little game that you can sit on your desk or counter.  Very sturdy version of the game, the entire thing is make of metal pieces.  I have seen others but they were usually plastic so I was glad to see a more sturdy and heavy version of the game.  It’s very easy.  Just place the ball on the little fold out flipper and push down and release to try to fling the ball into the basketball goal.  It’s a lot of fun to play and is honestly a little addictive.  I love that the ball is attached to the game by a string so it doesn’t go flying somewhere or get lost.  It’s a great design and a lot of fun to play.  Read the full review & get ordering information HERE!




3DLight FX makes great holiday gifts.  They have so many different styles you can easily find something your loved ones will love.  My daughter loves her Minion and my husband latched on to the BB8 for his man cave.  So they are great for all ages.  Read the full review & get ordering information HERE!